Default audio device does NOT record audio when it is a firewire device

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Apr 23 03:44:13 EDT 2008

Hoi Frans,

Just enter it as a new bug. Revolution originates from a time without  
FireWire and just doesn't check for devices attached to a built-in  
FireWire port. This should be easy to fix (but I might be wrong).

In the mean time, you can refrain from the default input and show a  
little wizard, which helps the user to choose the correct input.


Mark Schonewille


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On 23 apr 2008, at 09:26, frans schoffelen wrote:

> System MAC OS 10.5.2  / Powermac G5 Quad, Mac Pro Intel Quad / Rev  
> 2.9 last build
> We are developing a small audio utility for the music Industry with  
> simple recording functionality. A great deal of our customers use  
> firewire audio interfaces.
> Expected behaviour : When we select "dflt" as our input then the  
> documentation states the input chosen in the system preferences will  
> be used. It is not.
> Recording does work in the standard Quicktime player so there are no  
> obvious technical problems. REV creates a file according to the  
> settings but no audio is present in that file.
> We have read the entries on "enhancement" for recording video and  
> audio in the bug database but do NOT consider this bug an  
> enhancement request since "dflt" SHOULD under all circumstances  
> record from the input set in the system preferences as stated in the  
> documentation.  We have tested this with M-Audio Project Mix ,  
> Apogee and ECHO Audiofire.
> USB recording from a simple webcam does work so devices other than  
> the original internal and external inputs are being recognized, just  
> not the firewire ones.
> None of the searches in our forum database has yielded a recent  
> answer.
> We can not proceed with the product as is under Revolution.
> Hopefully there is a solution or work-around for this or we are  
> missing something.
> Maybe somebody on the list knows. Any help appreciated.
> Regards
> Frans Schoffelen
> Tim Oldfield
> Sarah Terberg

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