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 I tried that just now, and it's still flashing white between clicks on the web-page.? This is evident by my particular kiosk application, which has a cached large image in the background, and in native Safari, I can jump from page to page with that background, and the foreground elements appear overtop without any flickering in the background.? When I switch to Rev and the embedded browser, however, I get a millisecond of white-full-screen flashing between page-draws, and it's visually disturbing.? I'm using the latest Rev 2.9 on Leopard.

So, that puts me to Plan B:

Since this is a touch-screen kiosk environment and I have full-control over the hardware/software, I'd like to just use "SAFT", which is software that makes Safari run in full-screen mode, and then have a silent version of Rev running in the background waiting for it's cue.? When it receives the cue, it needs to print some data to a thermal-label printer attached to the kiosk.

I am was hoping that I could have a javascript on a web-page that passes data to, and then have my Rev app ready to receive that data.

I'm not suceeding, however, and I could use some assistance with the scripting.? 

Something like:

open socket ""
read from socket "" with message "gotdata"

and then on the web-page: 

a href="">Click me to test sending a message to Revolution</a>

That's plan B.? 

If Plan B doesn't work, then I've left with Plan C, which I know will work, but is less optimal - - - that plan is to have Rev send Applescript commands to Safari, checking the URL every few seconds and seeing if it's at a "printing url", and taking values from that URL.? Not optimal.? Plan B would be better if someone can help me get it working.



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> Unless someone can fix the "browser window flashes white while
> browser between pages problem" - - - if that can be fixed, then
> I can do it all inside Revolution, which really is preferable.? This
> just needs to run on Mac Leopard.

I was able to eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) flicker by 
putting a lock screen at the beginning of the browserBeforeNavigate handler 
and an unlock screen in the browserNavigateComplete handler in the card 
script of the sample stack. 

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