Tab in tables and determine which cell

Bill Vlahos bvlahos at
Mon Apr 28 01:32:35 EDT 2008

Thanks to JB for his suggestions on keeping count but Ken Ray came up  
with a more elegant solution. I'm not sure why Rev hasn't documented  

Bill Vlahos

> Here you go, Bill... after some research, it turns out that Rev  
> doesn't
> give you too many messages to work with in their "table" field.  
> However I
> found that we can get what we want by putting the attached code into  
> the
> *card* script (or higher in the hierarchy), but not in the table field
> itself, as it won't get the messages necessary.
> Here's the code for the card script:
> ---
> on mouseUp  -- Use this to trap whtn the user clicks in a cell
>  put GetCellName(the long id of the target) into fld "Log"
>  pass mouseUp
> end mouseUp
> on tabIntoCell pObj   -- Use this to trap the user tabbing into a cell
>  put GetCellName(pObj) into fld "Log"
> end tabIntoCell
> on mouseDown  -- Sent when user clicks in table
>  put the long id of the target into tObj
>  set the uCurrentCell of tObj to GetCellName(tObj)
> end mouseDown
> on revUpdateCellValue pObject,txcell,tycell,tCurrentcell,tNewText
>  -- Sent when user tabs to another cell or uses the arrow keys
>  send "tabIntoCell pObject" to me in 20 milliseconds
>  pass revUpdateCellValue
> end revUpdateCellValue
> function GetCellName pObj
>  put revGetCellName(pObj) into tName
>  replace "revCell-" with "" in tName
>  return tName
> end GetCellName
> ---
> So use 'mouseUp' and 'tabIntoCell' to do what you want (I have the  
> output
> going into a field "Log", but you can do what you want). What you  
> get back
> is a row,column output (e.g. "1,2" or "4,3", etc.) that you can use  
> to do
> what you need to do.
> Have fun!
> Ken
On Apr 23, 2008, at 6:41 PM, Bill Vlahos wrote:

> I have a table that users can tab through. I'd like to be able to  
> determine when a user tabs into a certain column and do some action.
> I can determine it when the user clicks in a cell but how can I  
> determine it when they tab into a cell?
> Bill Vlahos
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