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Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Thu Apr 24 13:34:30 EDT 2008

Hi All,

I had created a Windows Standalone of my Coloring Book stack.  
Initially I took a look at the results using VMWare's Fusion and XP  
Professional. Much to my dissatisfaction, though it appeared to "run"  
satisfactorily, several items were missing. The OSX version worked as  
expected - mostly. The Windows' version lacked many of the text fields  
to varying degrees of "lackness" (for you Richmond!). Also, the Menus  
didn't show up, though most of the command keys associated with the  
menu items did work as expected. Really pretty strange. This was all  
done under Tiger. After installing Leopard, I then I tried running the  
Coloring Book using Boot Camp with XP. Pretty much the same appearance  
results. Then, I installed a new VMWare Fusion, setting it up to use  
the already installed  Boot Camp partition and XP as the virtual  
machine. Suddenly, when I ran the Coloring Book application, the  
missing Text fields appeared and functioned as designed and the menus  
were at the top as expected with their command keys also working.  
Additionally, before running the CB, the Windows Desktop looked much  
better than it had under a "straight" Boot Camp boot; the cursors  
continued to be larger (as I have them set for OSX for my lousy  
eyesight) and the text much smoother. There are still any number of  
things  that still DON'T work properly.

Simpler HC stacks done as standalones, less multimedia stuff; just  
lots of math and text, work fine and this Fusion using the Boot Camp  
partition seems to provide the best of both worlds, since I don't have  
to boot separately and can copy/paste between platforms it woiuld  
seem. Maybe it would have worked fine without Boot Camp, but I ran  
into some problems setting up Fusion before I decided to use the Boot  
Camp partition.

All this being said, it seems pretty obvious that I'm going to have to  
check stuff out on a REAL PC eventually. Showing that this is a real  
crazy world in which we find ourselves trying to do cross platform  
stuff at all. I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that, particularly  
after listening to Apple's most recent financial report, I should  
probably just stick to Mac development. Heck it's more than I can  
handle anyway.

I hope this "rant" has had some merit for someone.

Joe Wilkins 

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