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Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at proactive-intl.com
Sat Apr 19 12:07:15 EDT 2008

> Hoping I'm not treading where I shouldn't, but I can't help but ask? 
> Wasn't Revolution itself somewhat of a "co-branded" version 
> of Metacard?  How does this differ?  As far as I can tell 
> from the website, Mirye is dedicated almost exclusively to Revolution.

Revolution differs from MetaCard in a number of technological ways, plus, RR
Ltd acquired MetaCard from MetaCard Corporation. RR Ltd develops and owns
the code base which is Revolution.

Mirye is a totally different entity - not a RR company. We don't own
Revolution but we do publish it. Publishing involves selling and marketing
(and in varying degrees, supporting) products that may or may not be made by
the publisher itself.

We've been concentrating mostly on Revolution and secondarily on Valentina
(new Valentina products are on their way which are much better channel
players), but we've also added a broad range of graphical and audio content
to our store. I wanted to make sure we get the formula right, first. Plus, I
also wanted to get 2.9 out - Revolution Media 2.9 was the last piece :-)

> The other question would be, does Mirye take on other 
> products?  Is it a way for a developer to take their products 
> to store shelves rather than internet download only?

That's exactly it. My core team in North America and Japan have been
actively involved in channel development for the last 11 years (much more
for me personally) - that is, creating new venues or participating in
existing venues to reach new customers. In that time, we've brought on team
members who are very good at more logistical things like package design, web
site development and branding.

The internet as a commerce venue continues to evolve and become more
profitable, as technology product customers have become accustomed to buying
by direct download. However just putting something on a website doesn't mean
its going to sell, or that its possible to stay competitive in the
marketplace. It is true you can point out many successes that are internet
only - a lot of Mac oriented companies after all didn't have, or don't have
much other choice. In the end its all about expanding your customer base and
reaching out to new customers, and what is considered a success is a matter
of opinion. Internet sales themselves are now even more so typically the
result of hybrid strategies involving cross-selling, partnerships, direct
email, combined with print...the list goes on.

Mirye does take on other products - what we are looking for primarily are
products that are of interest in the digital production market. That
includes cross-platform RIA type tools like Revolution, db back ends like
Valentina, plus anything else that fits with the digital design/digital
development marketspace. By partnering with community/commerce partners like
Content Paradise, it has increased the pool of folks we can market to by
about a million sets of eyeballs - very attractive indeed :-)

The more a product fits with that target market, the more interested we are.
If you have a product you'd like to get published, feel free to contact me
directly. I am also setting aside some time at Revolution Live for a Birds
of a Feather session on how to work with Mirye, what the various options are
and the like.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Mirye Software Publishing

Mirye Community NING

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