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Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Wed Apr 16 11:49:50 CDT 2008

Of course if one wanted to be b*tchy the fact that 

sort lines of fld "myListField"

occurred to neither Kay C Lan or myself could be
blamed on something to do with the RR Documentation:

I remember having an argument with the chief librarian
at the Ivan Vasov Library here in Plovdiv:

1. At my Universities (Durham and SIUC) the libraries,
if I remember correctly, use the Dewy Decimal system
with open stacks: this means that if you know the
fieldyou are interested in you can go to that part of
the library and browse for books you may have never
heard of before.

2. At Plovdiv the stacks are inaccessible (a "last
hurrah" for Communism) and books are only by checking
in either a title or author card system and then
asking one of the many librarians to go and get the
book for you (this normally involves a 1-2 hour wait).

The problem about Plovdiv is that you have precious
little chance of finding a book in your subject area
of which you have not previously heard.

However, in my case, the reason I did not think of

sort lines of fld "myListField"

is because I like making life difficult for myself and
am not terribly good at thinking in straight lines :)

Mind you, that does not mean that my story about
libraries is irrelevant.

sincerely, Richmond Mathewson


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