copyright infringement question

John Vokey vokey at
Tue Apr 15 11:30:49 EDT 2008

Check out some of Cem Kaner's publications on what is, is not, and  
should be acceptable practise:

On 15-Apr-08, at 9:22 AM, use-revolution-request at wrote:
> Greetings, venerable collegues,
> Would you have a few minutes to give me your brief opinion on a
> copyright/intellectual property infringement question?  There is a
> difference of opinion at our company and I'm seeking some outside
> perspective.
> Or maybe, refer me to some URL?  Any help gratefully acknowledged
> in advance.
> The issue is, in developing a new software program to compete with  
> other
> companies that already offer such a program, what is acceptable with
> respect to using the existing competitor's product?

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