Birds of a Feather Meeting at Revolution Live 2008 - Making Money with Revolution and Mirye

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Sun Apr 13 14:47:20 EDT 2008

Hello All:

Mirye Software is a co-sponsor of the Revolution Live 2008 event. Along with
my involvement on the Making Money with Revolution panel discussion, I am
organizing a Mirye Birds of a Feather Meeting at Revolution Live. The exact
time and location will be announced and depend on the number of people
interested. I anticipate we will do this on Friday May 10, at 7:15 PM,
following the Evolution of the Web presentation.

Here are a few Mirye programs that I would like to cover:

- Mirye Reseller Program. Getting into the Mirye Online Store and selling
your products through our program. This is a simple, no-nonsense program.

- Mirye Publisher Program. Getting into the Mirye publisher program and
leveraging our reseller channels, such as SHI, Academic SuperStore and
others (Amazon, coming soon).

- Mirye Affiliate Program. The Mirye Online Store now has an affiliate
program which allows you to benefit from every sale of Revolution and other
products in the store.

Mirye is currently planning two additional non-English sites that will have
direct representation in two new major computer software markets. At least
one of these should be announced at Revolution Live.

A major factor in the success of any system product such as Revolution is
the strength and health of its third party program. We want you to be a part
of, and benefit from, the success of Revolution!

If you are interested in being involved, please RSVP here:

And also join our Special Interest Group here:

Have a great weekend!

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Mirye Software Publishing

Mirye Community NING 

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