Re: Rép : problem with drag-dropping a text string (was: Re: use-revolution Digest, Vol 55, Issue 24)

Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at
Sun Apr 13 06:06:32 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Filled bug report: 

Le 13 avr. 08 à 10:45, Eric Chatonet a écrit :
> Hi Peter,
> I made further experiments and I found that setting the dragData 
> ["text"] to the dragData["text"] && "modified" did not work when  
> setting the dragData["text"] to <some string> works.
> So would the following, using the selectedText function, work for you:
> on dragStart
>   set the dragdata["text"] to Transform(the selectedText) --
> end dragStart
> -----------------------
> function Transform pText
>   return pText && "modified"
> end Transform
> Le 12 avr. 08 à 23:18, Peter Brigham a écrit :
>> Merci, Eric --
>> My "on dragLeave" handler is in the f1 script, so it's triggered  
>> when I drag the selectedtext out of the originating field. The  
>> handler gets triggered OK -- if I set a breakpoint the debugger  
>> opens as my drag leaves the field. For my current needs I will  
>> always be dragging text from f1 to f2, so I tried to do my  
>> modification in a dragLeave handler in f1, because putting it in  
>> the dragStart handler fails to work. As I said in my original  
>> post, if I try in a dragStart handler in f1 to set the dragActions  
>> and the allowableDragActions to "copy" and to modify the dragData,  
>> I don't get a drag-copy and I don't get my text modified, I just  
>> get the standard drag-move of the original text. On my system if I  
>> try to even just "get the dragData" in a dragStart handler it  
>> returns empty. And I can't seem to *set* the dragData (or the  
>> dragData["text"]) at all no matter what handler I put it in or in  
>> which script (f1 or f2).
>> Again, it's a very simple set-up, two fields, drag from f1 to f2,  
>> and the only script I have is the one given below, and whether I  
>> put it in a dragstart handler in f1 or in a dragleave handler in  
>> f1 or a dragEnter or dragDrop handler in f2, the text is never  
>> modified. And in dragstart, the dragdata is empty when I "get" it,  
>> never mind trying to modify it. At least in a dragLeave handler I  
>> can actually *get* the dragData. I can't *set* it at all, anywhere.
>> This seems like a bug (or bugs), but it's obviously only cropping  
>> up in my particular setup. Mac iBook G4, OSX 10.4.1, Studio 2.9  
>> build 610. Anyone see something I'm overlooking?
> Best regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.
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