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Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Apr 10 10:18:27 EDT 2008

On 10 Apr 2008, at 15:43, Colin Holgate wrote:
> There is an overlap between the Flash crowd and the Rev crowd, and  
> that's with standalone applications. The Flash crowd can make  
> applications that are delivered via AIR, or Internet applications  
> using Flex. Those are the kinds of things that Rev can also do, and  
> most likely in a faster, more cross platform friendly way. If I can  
> show example like that, the people using Flex may well reluctantly  
> be impressed!

There are many standalone applications, some I have already linked.  
Obviously you can take any stack and make a standalone out of it. One  
example of a complex stack which lends itself to that is obviously  
ChatRev, another one would be RevZilla.

There are a few games available, for example by Malte Brill < 
 > or Karl Becker <>. Mark Schonewille makes  
standalones which are more Data oriented <>,  
Eric Chattonet has applications that do use the browser external < 
 >, etc.

There are of course many more Rev products, but I think most of Rev  
work is done on comission basis, and can't really be shown around  
because of that. I still think you should specify your demand a bit  
more, as just asking for every rev application on the planet is not a  
good way to get information about those that you actually want.

Have fun


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