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> And while you are on the subject of icons what is the best
> program to create icons for the Mac that will work without
> problems in Revolution.

While there are a ton of *resource* editors for both platforms, there are
very few icon editors that actually provide tools to manipulate art.
Axialis offers tools and builds icons for both Win and Mac platforms.

Apple's Xcode Developer Tools includes an app called Icon Composer that will
build icons using whatever art you provide.

Iconographer is a Mac tool referenced in many Web pages on the net, but the
author is no longer supporting it, and it has bug or 2 that can affect the
art.  I would avoid this one.

One of the best tools for creating icons is actually a Photoshop plugin
called IconBuilder (Photoshop is required).  Instead of serving as an
editing tool, it requires that you use Photoshop as your editing tool, and
use the plugin to export whatever file formats you need.

There is a list of other related apps here:


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