Rev and import snapshot not compatible with Aero and Vista

Jim Ault JimAultWins at
Thu Sep 27 11:12:28 EDT 2007

Also beware of multiple monitors

Jim Ault
Las Vegas

On 9/27/07 3:43 AM, "curry at" <curry at> wrote:

>> Are you sure it's working with Aero? On some machines, Aero is turned
>> off by default. Are the titlebars somewhat transparent and show a
>> blurred image of what is underneath them?
>> I'm not sure what other details you're looking for. On every Aero
>> system I've tried it on (3 of them), import snapshot does not work.
> Yes, I know about Aero. Let's not get bogged down on that, because we need
> to delve a little further.
> But I think the big problem is that we all had been forgetting that import
> snapshot has two basic forms of operation. You guys overlooked one form, I
> overlooked the other.
> Now I find that if I type "import snapshot" (which I did not try before) I
> get the ugly black rectangle.
> But if I type "import snapshot from rect (the rect of grc 1) of window
> (the windowid of this window)" I get a perfect image.
> If you get the same results, not only can it further pin down the bug
> report, but it might provide a workaround for many uses--let the user drag
> out a rectangle graphic, then programatically take the snapshot of that
> rect.
> So, I confirm that the user selection form of "import snapshot" fails, but
> the from-rect form works for me.

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