Quicktime on Windows

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Thu Sep 27 07:19:15 EDT 2007

Hi curry,

>> I'm on a Mac at the moment but if you are testing in the IDE,  under
>> Rev's General preferences there is a check box for "Load QuickTime on
>> startUp" and a tool tip that suggests setting dontUseQT will fail if
>> Rev does loads QT on startup.  Perhaps this preference is turned on?
> No, this pref was off when I wanted to test without QT. And unless  
> I made
> a mistake in testing, the specific QT behaviors I mentioned persisted
> although QT was disabled, until I actually uninstalled QT. I am  
> aware of
> the differences in behavior because I've used .mid and sound files  
> in some
> games, so I noticed right away when the QT behaviors persisted.
> Obviously, the disadvantage is not being able to test for QT and  
> non-QT
> user scenarios unless there is an easier way than un/installation. I'm
> hoping to find an easier way to switch. I think I made no mistake, but
> when I install QT again (it's uninstalled right now) I'll retest  
> with a
> very simple stack just to make sure, since I was using a complex  
> stack--a
> nearly finished game--before.

A player without QuickTime on Windows will definitivley NOT play any  
midi file!

You could use the (very bad to not) documented "maciSendString" command
on windows to play sounds, videos and midis on windows.

In RevOnline Signe Marie Sanne (username "sms") has two example stacks
that make use of "mciSendString".

Check them out, they might get you started:

-> mciMpegVideo
-> PlayWavMCI

> Curry


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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