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On 12/9/07 8:31 PM, "chris bohnert" <chris at> wrote:

> Mark,
> Just my opinion here as issues surrounding MySQL's interpretation of the GPL
> seem to get foggier by the day.
> I'd imagine that Runrev avoids having to deal with RealBasics issues by
> using the older LGPL'd connector (which presumably stops working somewhere
> in the Mysql development roadmap).  The problem here is that the older
> connector does not support many of the newer features.  Realbasic
> specifically decided they needed support for the newer features and were
> thus willing to eat the GPL license for their connector.

I agree.

For example, I did have CocaMySQL built on old drivers,
And when our HOST provider have start to use mySQL 5.0,
It simply did not work in 50% of cases.

Have gone 6-8 months while new CocoaMySQL was shipped.

Btw, even for older drivers WAS ALSO commercial license.
They always did sale mySQL for money to DESKTOP Application developers.

> Interesting enough, the way I understand it, MySql offers a commercial
> license for its newer connector but that license may not be used to generate
> a plugin that connects to the GPL'd version of the MySql may
> only connect to a commercially licensed version of their server.
> The FUD surrounding this issue has worked on me and we dropped all direct
> connection support for MySql about a year ago.  We either use a different db
> or proxy requests through a php call.

Point is:

    mySQL is attractive for ISP and may be other WEB developers.
    but for DESKTOP applications they are not friendly.

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