RealBasic pulls MySQL support

chris bohnert chris at
Wed Sep 12 13:31:59 EDT 2007


Just my opinion here as issues surrounding MySQL's interpretation of the GPL
seem to get foggier by the day.

I'd imagine that Runrev avoids having to deal with RealBasics issues by
using the older LGPL'd connector (which presumably stops working somewhere
in the Mysql development roadmap).  The problem here is that the older
connector does not support many of the newer features.  Realbasic
specifically decided they needed support for the newer features and were
thus willing to eat the GPL license for their connector.

Interesting enough, the way I understand it, MySql offers a commercial
license for its newer connector but that license may not be used to generate
a plugin that connects to the GPL'd version of the MySql may
only connect to a commercially licensed version of their server.

The FUD surrounding this issue has worked on me and we dropped all direct
connection support for MySql about a year ago.  We either use a different db
or proxy requests through a php call.


On 9/12/07, Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:
> Lynn-
> I do realize you have a conflict of interest here in the desire to promote
> Valentina, but dare I say that I see a marketing opportunity for runrev,
> since we support MySQL innately without the need for GPL-licensed external
> drivers? And thus have a chance to win over some of the alienated RB
> developers...
> ...I didn't post the news item to gloat, but in the hopes that someone
> would
> take the baton and run with it...
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