Global Misbehaving

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Sep 12 13:09:15 EDT 2007

Hi Gregory,

> Hello everyone,
> I have the following openStack handler in a main stack.  I use it  
> to set two globals which hold paths to folders that I want to use  
> for back ups and such.
> on openStack
>   global dataFilePath, partsFilePath
>   -- Set some relative file paths
>   get the fileName of this stack
>   set the itemDelimiter to "/"
>   delete the last item of it
>   put it & "/Data/" into dataFilePath
>   go to stack "Another Stack"
> end openStack
> Seems that when I declare the global dataFilePath in substacks, I  
> just "/Data/" instead of the full path.  What gives?

Substacks do not have a filename of their own!

Use "get the effective filename of me" in substacks and that's it :-)

> Gregory


Klaus Major
klaus at

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