Data synchronization

Alex Shaw alex at
Mon Sep 3 06:07:40 EDT 2007

Hi Ruslan

Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:
> Right, this solution is
>     (VSERVER <=> MIDDLEWARE APP)  <=> ClientApp


> Although in this case you will have a lots more job todo. You need for
> example self work with sockets, and develop own protocol. Such solution
> choose teams which have enough power and experience in such tasks.

> Oracle uses new features of SQL2033 standard SQL/XML extension.
> They say that by power and Query Complexity are comparable.
> Just SQL/XML way is more easier for developers who already know SQL.
> And XPath  and Xqueries is more easy for developers who good know XML.

This would go part way to making implementation of middleware app easier 
but I don't like the idea of someone being able to arbitrarily send SQL 
or XML commands to main data server so I would still prefer to have 
middleware server to filter things. Fortunately low-load custom tcp 
servers are easy to write in Revolution.

>> But this depends on how you plan to implement off-line client to Vserver
>> synch. There are no entries in wiki on this. Can you possible give me an
>> idea of the type of API commands to be implemented?
> We only thinking about it now and learning other existed solutions to choose
> best ideas and apply them to Valentina issues (e.g. In Valentina we need yet
> solve problem with correction of ObjectPtr values during synch).

That's why I have been looking at a CouchDB/XPath style namespace system 
to help log data changes (and syncing) and try to really simplify table 
structures.. hmmm lots of options to think about

> Btw, you have touch another point to consider:
>     If it is possible to implement synch when middleware present.

Happy to get your great minds thinking about how you can improve my 
favourite development tool and database system :)


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