Geometry in latest version of RunRev

Dave dave at
Wed Oct 31 19:21:05 EDT 2007

On 22 Oct 2007, at 03:44, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Dave wrote:
>> Does anyone know if the Geometry has been fixed in the latest  
>> version?
>> I really don't want to invest all the time editing the objects if  
>> it  still goes beswick!
> The GM is good for what it does, but it can't anticipate all  
> possible combinations of object-ordering needs, and will fail in  
> some cases.
> Writing one's one geometry management is so simple that I never  
> understood why RunRev saddled themselves with writing 40k of GM  
> script just for a subset of needs.

Well, if it's that useless and flawed why don't they just get rid of  
it? Seems like something a newbie would use and then end up in a  
panic cos all their objects disappear into outer space! At the very  
least it should come with a stern health warning!

All the Best

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