Rev 2.8.1 NOT Leopard ready!

Sivakatirswami katir at
Wed Oct 31 01:25:56 EDT 2007

Sarah Reichelt wrote:
> Actually, Leopard has some great features. Spaces alone will make my
> Rev work much easier. I also get the feeling that it is faster than
> Tiger.
Ditto that... confirmed... much faster than tiger

though after trying for 1/2 hour I immediately
went back to Thunderbird. But Spaces and time machine are worth their 
weight in gold.
And lots of subtle improvements in the finder all, well, just smarter...

My archive and install failed, ( I probably just had way too many 3rd 
party hacks of my old system)
 so I ended up with a clean "vanilla"install of  Leopard. Which was a 
bit tedious
(need to reinstall a *lot* of software) but I was happy to
leave 1000's of orphaned sys files behind in the process.

I downloaded Enterprise, 2.8.1 copied my "My Revolution Enterprise" 
folder from
old user (which was safely archived...) to the new user...

I supposed I could have use the apple "migration" tools
but I though to do it all myself and leave a more garbage behind...

Caveat: had to quickly enable root, drop into terminal and chown all the 
files in /Documents/My Revolution Enterprise to the new user
--simply copying doesn't work the own is still the old owner and Rev is 
writing files as the new owner and barks that
it cannot create the temp file... chown -R sivakatirswami 
"/users/sivakatirswami/documents/"My Revolution Enterprise"

and I was good to go... all this took about 20 minutes and today's TAKA

is delivered to you by a suite of fully functional Rev apps, that 
process photos, build web pages, talk to three different
servers and FTP everything to go live...   all running happily on 
Leopard. (and GLX2 is a happy camper as well.)
one of the "faster" things are libURL FTP.. uploads... though I don't 
know by how much.

Best wishes to all from Hawaii,

Om shanti

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