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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Oct 30 13:31:06 EDT 2007

FWIW, I took a little cruise on the 'net this morning and found a number 
of other development systems with Leopard issues, including, RealBASIC, 
Java, and even the work of the most dedicated Mac programmer I know, 

When other systems have problems with an OS X upgrade I usually wonder 
whether the problem is with the OS or the developer.

But Mark Lucas, co-owner of SuperCard, is by far the most tenacious and 
devoted Mac programmer I've ever even heard of, and if SuperCard is 
still wrapping up its Leopard issues this late in the game I know it's 
not because he's a slacker.

Apple has a demonstrated history of disregard for backward 
compatibility.  For all the issues one can have with Windows on security 
and usability, I must admit they've done a better job of upgrading their 
OS without damaging current apps.  Nothing written for the Mac in 1998 
will even run at all on OS X 10.5 (Classic is no longer supported), but 
I still have apps written for Win98 which continue to run well under Vista.

As much as I'd prefer that Rev ship an OS-savvy update the very day 
Apple or Microsoft rolls out their latest, in general they've done a job 
that's at least on par with most, and sometimes (as with Universal 
Binary) even ahead of the curve.

If you find your work disrupted by Apple's disregard for their own API, 
you can express yourself to the responsible party at:

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