Rev 2.8.1 NOT Leopard ready!

Klaus Major klaus at
Tue Oct 30 10:41:40 CDT 2007

Hi Kevin,

> On 30/10/07 12:00, "Klaus Major" <klaus at> wrote:
>> today we installed OS X 10.5 on one of our machines and did some  
>> tests
>> with our new project, which uses a lot of "metal" windows.
>> Result:
>> The app is completely unusable!
>> All windows/stacks go empty when suspending and most of the time stay
>> blank/empty when resuming or even open blank.
>> We did not test the IDE yet and probably won't until 2.9 comes out.
>> (Still waiting for dp2 for about two months.)
>> This is desastrous and embarrassing since we wanted to show our app
>> on the german "MacLiveExpo" in mid-november here in Cologne.
>> "Does it run on Leopard? Erm... no..."
>> We are very disappointed :-/
> Its not really surprising that Rev 2.8.1 doesn't run perfectly on  
> Leopard
> given that it shipped many months before that OS.

...which came out surprisingly last friday?

> Mostly it does run ok,
> but there are some cosmetic issues, in particular with metal.

Empty and thus completely unusable stacks are more than a cosmetic issue
to us (and our customers).

> We'll address those in 2.9.
> Kind regards,
> Kevin
> Kevin Miller ~ kevin at ~
> Runtime Revolution - User-Centric Development Tools


Klaus Major
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