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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Fri Oct 26 01:13:09 EDT 2007

François Chaplais wrote:
> To make things simple, a VERY nice (and IMHO, simple)  improvement on 
> the rev online doc would by the ability to send a "doc" command with 
> syntax
> "doc string"
> where string may be anything
> and which would have the same effect as typing the string in the search 
> field of the online doc (nothing more, nothing less than the doc 
> window).
> This would make it easier to produce introductory stacks with links to 
> the official documentation.
> Should not be that difficult from the developers' point of view.

That's a very excellent idea.

Right now I think Rev is the only producer of a Rev dictionary that 
doesn't have such a call.  I added one to the MC docs a while back, 
Jerry's GLX2 has one, and I believe BVG's has one too.

It would be ideal if all of us used the same syntax, so folks could mix 
and match their favorite dictionary and it would work with their 
favorite script editor, etc.

My only question is whether "doc" is the best token for us. It seems a 
bit general, perhaps hard to discern it's for Transcript dictionary lookups.

Any suggestions for alternatives?

Should we get buy-in from RunRev on whatever we propose, so everything 
-- including their stuff -- will work well with third-party options?

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