grouping objects by script problem

ron barber runrevron at
Tue Oct 23 05:09:27 EDT 2007


I have been trying to group a set of controls and graphic objects
after creating them via script but can't seem to find out what I'm
doing wrong.
Here's the relevant part of the script:

--do some other stuff here--
     create graphic tname
     put "graphic"&&quote&tname&quote & return after grouplist
    end repeat
replace return with " and " in grouplist
 delete last word of grouplist
 select grouplist

the error I get is a problem with the "object expression" at the
select statement

grouplist looks like this:
graphic "g1" and graphic "g2" and graphic "g3" and graphic "g4"

when I manually enter the above text after the select or group command
it works - but it doesn't seem to like the variable?

how do I group a bunch of controls etc on a stack that is created on the fly?


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