Opening a PFD - What am I doing wrong??

Andre Garzia andre at
Sun Oct 21 14:36:21 EDT 2007


I don't have windows, but try something along this:

on OpenPDF theFilePath
  get shell(format("start %s", theFilePath))
end OpenPDF

don't know if the line is this, but I think you can start a file using
the start command in the shell()


On 10/21/07, Dan Friedman <dan at> wrote:
> Does anyone know why this doesn¹t work?  I can¹t seem to get a PDF to open
> (in Acrobat) on Windows.  Rev is doing it successfully in their docs (they
> have a revGoPFD command that I can¹t trace into.  They are calling it from
> mouseUp in the script of card ³User Guide² of stack ³revdocumentation.rev².
> I have tried a bizillion variations of the script below.  I can get Acrobat
> to launch, but if I supply a document, it fails ­ I get a hour glass for a
> moment, and then nothing.  And the result is empty.  UG!
> on mouseUp
>   answer file "Select PDF:"
>   put it into fPath
>   --launch document fPath ‹ This doesn¹t work either!
>   put
> queryRegistry("HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\AcroExch.Document\shell\open\command\")
> into acroPath
>   put word 1 to -2 of acroPath into acroPath
>   put char 2 to -2 of acroPath into acroPath
>   --launch acroPath  --THIS WORKS
>   launch fPath with acroPath  --THIS FAILS!!
> end mouseUp
> Thank you in advance,
> Dan
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