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Sat Oct 20 18:52:26 EDT 2007

Hello Mark

Unfortunately Director does not export SWF files anymore, therefore  
it is necessary to use Flash (the development environment which is  
actually very similar to Director).

Yes, the description of how the SWF file is conformed (even at bit  
level) is within the File Format Specification provided by Adobe. I  
was not familiar with flash format either.

Yes, it would be possible to do it without Flash but I think the  
effort to conform each "tag" (portion of the flash file) without it  
will be too much.

Andres Martinez

On Oct 20, 2007, at 11:16 AM, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Thanks, Andreas.
> Unfortunately, I think that the requirement to have Director  
> available makes this method unfeasible.
> I am not familiar with the Flash format. What is the byte level and  
> how do I find it? Or is that clearly described in the File Format  
> specification?
> Do you think there would be a possibility to do this without Director?
> Best regards and thanks for taking the time to explain this,
> Mark Schonewille
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> Op 20-okt-2007, om 16:03 heeft Andres Martinez het volgende  
> geschreven:
>> Hello Mark
>> The process can be automated but it would take too much effort.  
>> Let me enumerate the steps I took to simplify it...
>> 1- Register and download the "File Format Specification" form  
>> Adobe (when I did, I agreed not to share it, sorry)
>> 2- Take a look at the document to understand the "Tags" conformation.
>> 3- Use Flash app to generate a simple animation that has the same  
>> look (background and characters) as your Rev Stack
>> 4- Experiment, experiment and experiment exporting the .SWF movie  
>> from Director and looking at the byte level file (I used HexEdit  
>> for this).
>> 5- Code your Stack to generate the sequence of positions of all  
>> your animated characters
>> 6- Transform those positions to the right byte level format that  
>> flash understands, and paste them into the file exported from  
>> Flash app.
>> If you want to see the functionality in action, you can download  
>> our game MacPool and press Ctrl-S (Save) when playing a 9-Ball game.
>> This is a sample animation exported from the game...   http:// 
>> Regards,
>> Andres Martinez
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