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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Sat Oct 20 10:16:43 CDT 2007

Thanks, Andreas.

Unfortunately, I think that the requirement to have Director  
available makes this method unfeasible.

I am not familiar with the Flash format. What is the byte level and  
how do I find it? Or is that clearly described in the File Format  

Do you think there would be a possibility to do this without Director?

Best regards and thanks for taking the time to explain this,

Mark Schonewille


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Op 20-okt-2007, om 16:03 heeft Andres Martinez het volgende geschreven:

> Hello Mark
> The process can be automated but it would take too much effort. Let  
> me enumerate the steps I took to simplify it...
> 1- Register and download the "File Format Specification" form Adobe  
> (when I did, I agreed not to share it, sorry)
> 2- Take a look at the document to understand the "Tags" conformation.
> 3- Use Flash app to generate a simple animation that has the same  
> look (background and characters) as your Rev Stack
> 4- Experiment, experiment and experiment exporting the .SWF movie  
> from Director and looking at the byte level file (I used HexEdit  
> for this).
> 5- Code your Stack to generate the sequence of positions of all  
> your animated characters
> 6- Transform those positions to the right byte level format that  
> flash understands, and paste them into the file exported from Flash  
> app.
> If you want to see the functionality in action, you can download  
> our game MacPool and press Ctrl-S (Save) when playing a 9-Ball game.
> This is a sample animation exported from the game...   http:// 
> Regards,
> Andres Martinez

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