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Timothy Miller gandalf at
Fri Oct 19 20:59:22 EDT 2007

Maybe I'm missing something. Where is the wiki-like user interface?  
Are you referring to Richmond Mathewson's wiki?


On Oct 18, 2007, at 10:12 AM, Mark Swindell wrote:

> I feel that the document structure Bjornke and Andre have crafted  
> offers the best of both worlds.
> It makes use of the official docs while integrating what is  
> functionally an editable, wiki-like user interface for user  
> extensions, clarifications, and examples.  Web-based Wikis can't  
> match the form or function.  Clearly the interface could improve  
> cosmetically and even functionally, I guess (there's always room  
> for improvement).  But it's a great model.
> Mark
> On Oct 18, 2007, at 2:53 AM, Richmond Mathewson wrote:
>> Timothy Miller wrote:
>> "Docs too terse. Experienced users comprehend. Others
>> struggle."
>> Many people have accused me of prolixity; never the
>> reverse :)
>> I am perfectly happy to supply the password for the
>> wiki to those who e-mail me off list and have
>> recognisable names - don't really want the wiki full
>> of pictures of people's anatomy or silly adverts for
>> v*^gr$.
>> sincerely, Richmond Mathewson

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