Emailing from within Revolution

Shao Sean shaosean at
Sun Oct 14 02:41:04 EDT 2007

Just a quick note for anyone who does look at libSMTP and thinks that  
it is complicated. Yes, the code to do everything is pretty  
complicated, but the public API is simple and there are only 3  
commands that you need to learn.

smtpOpen  -- opens the connection to the server
smtpSend  -- sends the email message from your program to the mail  
smtpClose -- closes the connection to the mail server

I choose this method of doing it to allow for sending multiple  
emails, through the same server, without having to open and close a  
connection for each email sent. If you need a hand integrating  
libSMTP into your program, feel free to contact us
< support AT shaosean DOT tk >


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