Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Fri Oct 5 19:31:21 EDT 2007

> > Does anyone have any experience in using httpProxy? I have an app that
> > downloads web pages, extracts data and so on. It allows entry of a
> > proxy server and port and uses them to set the httpProxy. One user is
> > having problems - I use a command like the example below (except with
> > a valid web page address). The proxy is set without giving an error,
> > but the "put URL" command returns nothing.
> Have you confirmed that the person is entering valid proxy server
> address and not the path to a PAC file? Revolution doesn't process
> PAC files but it appears that you can set the httpproxy to a URL and
> you won't get any errors.

They enter an address: and port 8080. I use
hostnameToAddress to convert the address to an IP address before
setting the httpProxy. It doesn't appear to be the path to a file.


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