Redraw issue in OS X Leopard

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Oct 1 16:05:54 EDT 2007


This happens quite often on any version of Mac OS X. It happens  
particularly when you open a stack and don't give Revolution  
sufficient time to redraw the window, because other handlers are  
still running. For example, handlers called by the preOpenStack  
handler. Do you have any complex scripts that are called by resume or  
resumeStack handlers?

It also happens if Revolution is locked up by e.g. a repeat loop or a  
recursive script, while you bring Revolution to the back and then to  
the front again.

My first guess is that Revolution needs more time to redraw the  

Of course, it could also be an issue specific to Leopard. If it is, I  
can't help you yet.




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Op 1-okt-2007, om 21:44 heeft J. Landman Gay het volgende geschreven:

> I don't have Leopard yet, but my client does. He says when he  
> clicks over into another application, such as the Finder or any  
> other app, and then clicks back on the Rev standalone window, the  
> card window does not redraw. All he sees is a grey rectangle (the  
> window is set to metal, so I think he is seeing just the plain  
> metal texture.) Anything that forces a card redraw will fix it,  
> such as loading new content into the fields.
> Is anyone else running Leopard? Have you seen this? I couldn't find  
> a bug report about it.
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