menu accelerators problem

ron barber runrevron at
Wed Nov 28 19:59:41 CST 2007

Hi All,

the 2.8.1 engine change log says:
"The menu accelerators now also work as you would intuitively expect. i.e.
      * the active menubar gets sent a mouseDown message before being
searched for non-disabled accelerators
      * the active menubar gets sent a menuPick message if one of its
accelerators is activated if the commandKeyDown/controlKeyDown message
is passed"

I have a Windows app with several windows, some of the windows have
two menus (groups of btns) on them, one English the other Japanese.
Depending on the interface the user chooses, the appropriate menu is
shown and the other is hidden. I enable/disable menu items appropriate
to the context - eg 'copy' is disabled when no text is selected - when
the menu has a mousedown.

My problem is that the accelerators do not work on any items that are
en/disabled. (items that are never disabled respond correctly to the
accelerator keys).

When I check the contents of the btn they are still disabled - meaning
the menubar is not receiving the mousedown message before being
searched. The "active" menubar must be my problem but I can't seem to
make the visible menubar receive the mousedown. I have tried bringing
it to the front, disabling the hidden menubar etc but it does not seem
to work.

Any suggestions on how to get the visible menubar on the topstack to
respond to accelerators on a Windows app?


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