Setting paths to Externals

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Nov 27 15:21:52 EST 2007

Ken Ray wrote:
> On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 00:17:11 -0600, Ken Ray wrote:
>>> besides. I don't see how you can dynamically load an external anyway, 
>>> since the docs state you have stop and restart your application. But 
>>> if you are loading them by script in a preopenstack or open stack 
>>> handler, then how will you ever activate them?
>> Trevor Devore taught me this method, and I've used it ever since for 
>> dynamic loading of externals:
> I forgot I'd made a Tips page at my site about this:
> Enjoy!
> Ken Ray
> Sons of Thunder Software, Inc.
Trevor, Ken... thank you! It works! 

Andre: FYI your libKiosk.bundle has some parts "crippled" under Leopard. 
In theory even the option for keyboard combo + power key to shut down 
the machine should be disabled-- under Tiger using your same library, it 
was.... I could *not* shut down the machine if your external was loaded 
in Tiger. But, I can now... not a big deal... I don't think too many 
users will be trying to hack the box and I will have my app set to be 
booted on start up, so we are pretty safe. In the current location the 
users are in plain view, hacking is unlikely. Later we may have a Kiosk 
in a location where someone might be able to stand there for a long time 

Worst case scenario is still not too serious: they could hold cmd-S on 
start up and boot into the terminal, but still not much they could do 
from there, as the Kiosk node on the LAN has very little access to 
anything... I don't know if, in the Kiosk world, hackers try to break 
into an use these machines or not... My only experience is TV hype where 
some aggressive nefarious brainy kids might try to break into the US Gov 
missile dBase from our Kiosk and start World War III by accident...but 
somehow that seems a bit far fetched... still they could ssh out from 
terminal to Mars and call the aliens to earth...I might be able to get 
our net admin to block those outgoing protocols in the firewall for this 
one box, but it's a nuisance for him...  How far do you Kiosk pros go in 
closing up security holes like this?

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