Send Wake-on-Lan _Packet

Sivakatirswami katir at
Sun Nov 25 16:23:16 EST 2007

I  just downloaded WakeOnLan 0.90 From version tracker.  It's the latest 
and works on Leopard. BUT:

Wake-on-Lan is not going to work. the Kiosk machine is connected via 
Airport and WiFi protocol as of Nov 97 does not yet support sending 
Wake-on-Lan packet to a Airport connected machine.

Any other solutions?

Sivakatirswami wrote:
> Anyone know how to send a "Wake-on-Lan" packet from one machine to 
> another.
> I have our little Guestbook Kiosk which is set to be awake on a tight 
> schedule and sleeps the rest of the time, but after visiting hours our 
> team here will want to get the data so they will need to wake up the 
> computer remotely. We don't want to go  around installing Remote 
> Desktop Admin on those machines, way over kill, they just need to wake 
> up the machine, share the screen for a few minutes, grab a file etc. 
> Since I will be building a UI in Rev to deal with the guestbook 
> entries on the kiosk box, I would really like a button on the Rev UI, 
> to "Wake Up Kiosk"
> Any ideas? I suppose I could get into stack interaoperability, but 
> that also seems over kill and I'm not sure that if the rev app on the 
> Kiosk will can still "hear" anything on sockets if the machine is 
> sleeping
> (um I guess that's a second question).
> I also just downloaded an old Wake 550  app for this but is 4 years 
> old and adds yet another application to the framework.
> Sivakatirswami
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