Windows Display Problems

xavier.bury at xavier.bury at
Thu Nov 15 09:23:04 EST 2007

Hi Dave - nice to scan u2!

Funny, i had the same setup in my old server operations control panel 
stack with nearly the same number and functions of calls...

[long term memory restore....]

I had problems with that setup besides the missed screen updates i recall, 
i scratched the update dialog also because it couldn't catch an event when 
i press the cancel button while
something else was running in the back (unless i did lots more additions 
to my already big loop)!. 

I put the progress back in a group that was just a group simulating a 
dialog over the main interface window - and it worked out much better 
though it didn't look as professional... Some limitations sometimes 
requires these silly workarounds. :))

Xavier Bury

use-revolution-bounces at wrote on 15/11/2007 14:29:33:

> Hi Xavier,
> Long time no scan! Thanks for the help on this. The way I am using 
> the Progress Bar is as follows:
> The progress stack had a number of Command Handlers that get called 
> by the using stack:
> ProgressInitialize - Initializes the Progress Bar and set the Ending 
> Limit in the Scroll Bar.
> ProgressFinalize - Closes the Progress Stack.
> ProgressUpdate  - Sets the Value of the Scroll Bar,
> ProgressSetCaption - Sets a message to be displayed in a field.
> The main stack then works like this:
> go stack "Progress"  --Initially Hiddens
> set the defaultStack to <the name of this stack>
> send "ProgressInitialize theProgressEndValue" to stack "Progress"
> then in a loop:
> ProgressSetCaption("The Caption")
> send "ProgressUpdate "theProgressAmount" to stack "Progress"
> and finally
> send "ProgressFinalize " to stack "Progress"  --Hides the Progress 
> Window and closes it
> That's about it really. This works fine on a mac!
> All the Best
> Dave
> On 15 Nov 2007, at 12:57, xavier.bury at wrote:
> > Hi Dave,
> >
> > I've seen this happen often. Seemingly the application is hung while
> > working (most noticeable on vmware, citrix or Terminal
> > servers)...
> >
> > What works in these cases is giving your monitoring window 
> > (progress bar)
> > a real event instead of a "Send" update
> > event. Sending the update event usually means that there is a wait and
> > sometimes this
> > event never seems to get there. Another issue is the lock screen which
> > sometimes doesn't unlock out of context.
> >
> > I may be wrong and never really investigated since im the sole user 
> > of my
> > programs which usually run all day long
> > updating things - so when i dont see something updated, i know 
> > where to
> > look...
> >
> > Please give us more details how you update your progress bar to get an
> > idea...
> >
> > Regards,
> > ---------------------=---------------------
> > Xavier Bury
> >
> >
> > use-revolution-bounces at wrote on 15/11/2007 13:10:49:
> >
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> I have an that is built as a standalone, part of it uses a Stack/
> >> Window to show a progress bar. On the Mac it works fine, on Windows
> >> however, it doesn't update, the window gets displayed, but the
> >> contents of a Text Field and the Progress bar itself never change.
> >>
> >> Any ideas on what might cause this?
> >>
> >> All the Best
> >> Dave
> >>

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