Idle handlers and Text files

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Tue Nov 6 11:47:28 EST 2007

Hi Len,

That's really too much honour for me, but I'm always glad to help.

There is a nice stack by Richard, explaining the message hierarchy.  
You can find it here: <>

The message hierarchy is extensively documented in the HyperCard  
literature. I don't know of any good reference directly connected  
with Revolution, except fo page 103 of the user manual PDF included  
with Revolution 2.7.1 and later.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


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Op 6-nov-2007, om 17:13 heeft Len Morgan het volgende geschreven:

> Hello Mark!
> If my first wife had not asked me to get the "big snip" as an  
> anniversary present many years ago, I'd name my next male child  
> after you for that little tidbit.  I may still consider re-naming  
> my first born male child after you, although at 22, he may have  
> some thoughts on the matter.
> You have saved me DAYS of frustration in tracking down why my  
> preOpenStack is getting executed AGAIN when I quit the app!  Is  
> that little item documented anywhere?  Now that I see it in writing  
> and knowing (a little) about how the message path works, it makes  
> perfect sense.  I guess I always figured that when I opened another  
> stack, the message was sent to it.  It never occurred that if there  
> was no preOpenStack message, that it would get passed back to the  
> caller!  Perhaps that is obvious to everyone but me.
> Thanks again!!!
> len morgan

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