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Dave dave at
Fri Nov 2 11:08:44 CDT 2007

Hi Eric,

Yes, I'm sure thats the function we were talking about!

Where can I  get it from?

Thanks a lot
All the Best

On 2 Nov 2007, at 10:42, Eric Chatonet wrote:

> Hi Jim and Dave,
> Sorry I did not read this thread too much...
> I should have :-)
> Not sure that I understand Dave's request because I have not read  
> all novels posted in this thread :-)
> Probably, Jim makes an allusion to the StripTags function that is  
> in the script of the unique card of the Rev Search Engine?
> I hope so...
> Best regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.
> Le 2 nov. 07 à 02:03, Jim Ault a écrit :
>> On 11/1/07 4:27 PM, "Dave" <dave at> wrote:
>>> This is my main gripe with RunRev really. There are three features
>>> that I've used lately (and not used before), advertised to death on
>>> the news letters, etc. And when you use them, god help you if you
>>> want to do anything other than the rather plain examples. As soon as
>>> you get into a "real-life" situation RunRev (in my experience) lets
>>> you down.
>> (hopefully everyone except Eric Chatonet will read this.  He  
>> already knows
>> this stuff.  He wrote it.)
>> The reality of the situation is that databases are many and have  
>> nothing to
>> do with Rev docs.  The "real-life" solutions you refer to almost  
>> always
>> involve considerable study, such as syntax and encoding.  There is  
>> no way
>> Rev could document all of these areas.  HOWEVER :-)  see the next  
>> part
>> ---------------------
>> Don't forget to do the following:
>> Open Rev, open Documentation, then click on Search, say yes to the  
>> update.
>> Now you can search across the
>> Dictionary {drop down menu choices }
>> Mail Archive {drop down choices[ Gmane Nable Google etc] }
>> RevOnline {drop down choices [RevNet RevOnline WebDatabase] }
>> ....across sites (such as Eric Chatonet, Ken, Chipp) }
>> Google {drop down choices [Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc]}
>> RevOnline search will find example stacks.  Click Display to  
>> download them.
>> WebDatabase searching 'sql' finds Chipp, Trevor, Ken
>> 'XML' finds 9 hits, one of which is a Scripting Conference stack  
>> by Rev on
>> XML
>> ----->The XML Guide is a comprehensive workshop that shows you how  
>> to use
>> XML in Revolution.
>> To download click here... right on the Rev web site!
>> This stack was kindly contributed by Sarah Reichelt of TrozWare.
>> ---------------------------------
>> Rev Search was ** written by Eric Chatonet for Rev = very powerful !!
>> Think of this list and Google as your friends when you begin to  
>> travel in
>> the complex areas.
>> For example, PHP is on virtually every web server, used by many  
>> thousands of
>> programmers and is now at version 5.2+  The docs change frequently.
>> Each version that is released has bugs, function and syntax  
>> changes, so that
>> programmers have to constantly study the new docs and find their  
>> own ways to
>> update older code. That's right, version 4.1.3 code will probably  
>> break if
>> run on an updated server, even 4.4.4.  In the PHP world, this is  
>> normal.
>> I have done some Rev-XML parsing work recently, and had to dive  
>> into XML
>> docs on the web  and Sarah's stack to learn the standards.
>> No way can Rev docs keep up with all the other communities.
>> What are the three features you tried?  XML?  SQL?  ??
>> Sql is beyond the Rev docs, but Rev allows us to connect easily  
>> with Sql
>> databases.
>> XML is beyond the Rev docs, even though you can build parsers, etc  
>> in Rev.
>>> Hours coding and design takes a day or more to get right, just
>>> because of the documentation and the lack of central place and bad
>>> support
>> 'Only a day or more'... wow! you are much faster than I am at  
>> getting my
>> head around other protocols and languages.
>> Jim Ault
>> Las Vegas
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