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Sat Mar 24 07:41:44 EDT 2007

Hi Martin,

don't get the "windmill-cursor" here, and,
in contrast to your experience, I am not able
to drag the thumb at all if the start value is
greater than the end value.

(Tiger, latest 2.8 Rev version, testet in the IDE ony)

Ralf Bitter

On 24. Mrz 2007, at 11:15, Martin Meili wrote:

> Hi there
> • I've got a problem with scrollbars showing their thumbpositions  
> if I run the stack on OSX Tiger. I f you open  the card holding  
> more than one scrollbar it takes very long  until the card is ready  
> and you can start your work. During this time the multicoloured  
> windmill-cursor is shown. When your card is ready,  the changing of  
> the scrollbars' thumbpositions is very jerky.
> • The problem doesn't occur if I run the stack on OSX Panther, OS  
> 9.x and Windows 2000 (Pentium III / 1000 mhz), or if I switch off  
> the "show value" property (in this case the stack runs also fast  
> using OSX Tiger).
> • How to trigger the problem:
> - create a new stack with two cards
> - go to card two and place some scrollbars on it
> - set the "start value" of each to 100
> - set the "end value" of each to 0
> !!! The other way round works fine ( "start value" set to 0 and the  
> "end value"  set to 100 !!!
> Now, you've got the problem: Dragging the thumb of one of the  
> scrollbars or swichting from card 1 to card 2 or the other way  
> round will trigger the showing up of this psychedelic multicoloured  
> windmill-cursor  - and changing the thumbs' positions will be jerky.
> I've tried out Revolution 2.5. up to 2.8.0 - it's always the same  
> problem, so the problem hasn't anythig to do with the release of  
> Revolution.
> Cheers
> Martin
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