unicodeText problem with Japanese

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at gmail.com
Thu Mar 22 21:03:10 CDT 2007

Thank you to Devin for the replace with
uniencode idea, but after trying it out
the result was that a large portion of the
original text disappeared.

However, my bigger problem is not the
end-of-line character, but rather what to
do about the effect one particular Japanese
kanji is having on the text.

Namely, that though I can see the line
bearing that kanji as one line in the field,
to scripting functions such as htmlText
or unicodeText or even "number of lines"
treat that one line as if it were two. The
result being that the problematic line
gets cut into two at that particular kanji's
position, and the kanji itself becoming
transformed into another character.

And yet, all the lines before and after that
particular line work fine, though.

My worry is not how to fix this, but rather
not knowing if there are other particular
kanji that might result in a similar effect.

Incidentally, the final goal is to retrieve
the Japanese text file over a network
(rather than from a local pc). Are there
unicode issues involved in this too? I'm
hoping that using "write data to socket"
won't affect the text file itself.


Nicolas Cueto

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