Memory Leak on export png????

Dave dave at
Fri Mar 16 14:36:34 EDT 2007

On 16 Mar 2007, at 18:13, Jim Ault wrote:

> On 3/16/07 10:25 AM, "Dave" <dave at> wrote:
>> Please take a look at the handler copied below. This is an adaptation
>> of Ian Wood's "export snapshot.rev" stack that can be downloaded from
>> Rev Online.
>> I also tried this without setting the background color and this does
>> write all 500 files, but RunRev crashes  (unexpectedly quits) doing
>> something unrelated a short while later. Also when this is running,
>> the first 50 to 100 files go quite quickly but after that it starts
>> to slow down.
>> Has anyone else seen this? I'm running on a Mac Pro, Mac OS 10.4.9
>> RunRev
>> I really need to get this to work correctly as I have do another demo
>> next week and this is 90% of it!
> I don't do much of this, but there are a couple bug reports dealing  
> with
> import, export and images.  You might check this out before  
> building too
> much on something that is not fixed yet.
> The slow down part is probably related to the Mac Finder and the HD  
> maint.
> I see the same type of  speed change writing text files on WinXP.
> You might see if
> -- adding a slight wait of 30 milliseconds helps Rev
> -- exporting from a substack that you close out of Rev memory and  
> thus maybe
> purge a dangling heap address in the subStack (possible cause of a  
> crash)
> --re-think the demo as a beta that runs slower
> --run as a slower-timed background process
> --does the crash occur if tested by exporting to a single variable
> repeatedly, thus not dealing with the hard drive file writing
> Of course, there may be a more robust way of doing this with an  
> AppleScript
> app as an agent.
> Hope this helps

Thanks Jim, I am doing some playing around now. I'm sure one of your  
suggestions will help.

Have a Great Weekend.
All the Best

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