No printing of foreign symbols in 2.6.1 Linux?

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Sun Mar 11 00:01:11 CST 2007

I don't do much programming involving Portuguese, but some time ago I 
knocked up a simple program in Rev/Windows 2.6.1 to print out my 
supermarket list (in Portuguese of course). It worked like a charm. But 
since nowadays I prefer to leave my Windows computer just sitting there 
like a moron doing nothing at all, I decided to compile the program in 
Linux (Ubuntu). It refused to print directly to the printer, and when I 
tried producing a postscript file instead it seemed to be corrupted in 
some way and I couldn't even display it successfully (except in Gedit). 
After a lot of tinkering around, I discovered the cause of the trouble: 
the use of letters with accents, i.e. non-English characters in the 
fields of my stack. I experimented and read the Rev Help quite a lot, 
and I came to the conclusion that printing non-English symbols in 
Rev/Linux 2.6.1 is probably impossible. Am I right or am I a nitwit?


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