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Thu Mar 8 12:48:07 EST 2007

Dave wrote:

> I was more thinking about the others that would waste time considering 
> whether or not to vote for it, plus the wasted time for the people at 
> RunRev to look at it in the database and schedule it in or whatever they 
> do, 

I hate to continue this thread, but just for clarification, votes have 
no weight at all in "bugs" like this one. Any bug report about a crash, 
or a documentation error, or anything similar will be fixed without 
regard to votes at all. In general, voting only has weight when 
relatively minor bugs are being considered (or feature requests) and the 
team members want to get an idea of how many people think the issue is 
important. Even then, votes are only one of many considerations that 
apply when they choose what to work on. Documentation errors require no 
votes at all, nor should they. Crashes are always fixed with top priority.

Regarding the team "wasting time" reading Bugzilla: the team uses the 
database as a checklist, and it actually saves them a great deal of time 
because it provides a consolidated list for them to consult. They don't 
have time to monitor the mailing list for issues. If your issue isn't on 
the checklist, they won't see it. That's all there is to it.

Someone on the team looks at the database daily. I understand that it 
takes some effort to enter issues into the database, and the team is 
very grateful to those who do. If something is important to you, the one 
and only way to bring it to their attention is to get it onto that 
checklist somehow; you can do that by entering a report yourself or by 
writing to either of the email addresses that have been mentioned here.

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