make Rev standalone wait for external app

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Wed Mar 7 12:56:10 EST 2007

On OS X 10.4.8, Rev 2.8 gm3. I need to launch an external app  
(installer) from my Rev standalone. I need my standalone to wait for  
the app to close before continuing. What's the best way to do this?  
I've tried several different things including using the launch  
command, using the shell() function, and using the "open application"  
command via AppleScript. Nothing seems to work. My standalone  
continues on immediately following the code to open the external app.

Is there some other way? Or will it be necessary to just sit in a  
repeat loop, watching for the application to quit. Any help is  


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally
The Fluency Company

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