Alex Shaw alex at
Tue Mar 6 08:40:47 CST 2007

Hi Richard

You could try retrieving the directory through a cgi process that also 
returns a meta info related to the event.


Richard Miller wrote:
> Tied into this is that getting a directory from the server is obviously 
> just as prone to failure as getting any file from the server since it's 
> all a wireless call either way and the signal could drop at any time. 
> What's the most reliable way to verify that the directory call went 
> through correctly? Seems the only way is to check "the result", since 
> the contents of a given directory could be empty to begin with (meaning 
> we can't compare the value that comes back to see if it is empty, since 
> it might have been empty to start with). It's unclear of the issues we 
> are encountering in repeatedly trying to get a directory if prior 
> attempts fail. Can/should a directory ftp call be unloaded (i.e. via 
> unload URL) before trying a second time?

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