XP and Vista question

Peter Alcibiades palcibiades-first at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 6 04:36:37 CST 2007

In my own dream, I did it too, and a few days later MS showed up with a writ 
summoning me to court for my crimes and misdemeanors.  I publicized the event 
massively.  There was a huge groundswell of support which bought me the most 
expensive lawyers in the EC, and when the case came to trial it was thrown 
out amid massive publicity, on the grounds that it was an attempt to enforce 
unlawful and anti-competitive post sales restrictions on use.  The Commission 
published press releases applauding the result.  I was famous.

The result was that Eulas everywhere in the EC had to be rewritten and the 
rights of the purchaser to use the software as he liked were publicly 

In my dream I now seemed to have become clairvoyant, because I could see all 
the way to California and Seattle.  I saw Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on the 
phone to each other.  Jobs was saying to Gates "why did you have to prosecute 
the bum, you knew you would lose, and now you have ruined it for all of us".

Then I woke up.

On Tuesday 06 March 2007 04:27, Richard Gaskin wrote:
> On the question of whether it's technically possible to run Vista under
> virtualization, this author at Macworld.com of course never actually
> tried, but notes that he had a "dream" about doing so, and reports what
> happened in that dream:
> <http://www.macworld.com/2007/02/firstlooks/vistamac/index.php>

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