Rev 2.6.1 and OS X 10.2 and earlier

Jeff Reynolds jeff at
Fri Jun 22 15:13:18 EDT 2007

Has anyone been using rev 2.6.1 stanalons on mac osX 10.2 and  
earlier? We are having a devil of a time getting a 10.2 test machine.  
we are buying a 10.2 set of discs and setting up an old imac, but i  
thought i would make double sure that folks were not having any 10.2  
or earlier troubles with rev 2.6.1 before more time passed.

we HAVE to deliver on 10.2 machines for education still so its a  
must. as far as i know we have not gotten any neg feedback on our  
earlier osx product built with 2.6.1 from the schools and im sure  
there are a lot out there with 10.2 that have used the product, but i  
though i would just check to see if anyone else had any gotchas with  
2.6.1 and pre 10.3.


Jeffrey Reynolds

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