Back to my standalone 10.2.x bug....

Shari shari at
Fri Jun 22 14:19:28 EDT 2007

OSX Universal standalone on 10.2.8 update:

The weird issue where it didn't decompress a file stored in a 
property and copy it to the hard drive seems to have disappeared.

I recompiled a new verson today and tried it on the 10.2.8 and it 
worked perfectly.

I did have trouble logging into the network to get to the other 
computer and had to reboot the other computer, and am wondering if 
network troubles corrupted the file during transport the other day, 
causing the standalone to behave wrongly?

So.... far as I know, Universal Builds are compatible now on OSX 
10.2.x thru 10.4.x as desired.

If anybody with 10.2.x wants to test the theory that UB's now work, 
you can download the UB from:

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