Best Practices using globals vs. custprops?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Fri Jun 22 07:17:02 EDT 2007

> on various sites - and again in this best practice thread - it is
> recommended not to use globals, or at least so less as possible, because
> they can be changed from everywhere and that's hard to debug and no nice
> style. I really don't see any difference between using globals or properties
> yet. Properties can be changed also "from everywhere" and even if you write
> a central handler to change your properties, this handler can be called from
> everywhere. What is the best practice for statuses, flags and all these
> global informations, you need at different times and in different handlers?
> And if there is a "clean pratice", what is the difference to using globals?

Firstly, you can often reduce the number of globals needed by sending
parameters to handers & functions instead. This makes for much easier
debugging and maintenance.

Secondly, custom properties are persistent - they are saved with the
stack, while globals are not - they are lost when the stack is closed.
Which you use depends on whether you want to be able to store the data
in the stack or not.


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