Shari shari at
Wed Jun 20 16:01:30 EDT 2007

>I am having loads of trouble with version RunRev, apart 
>from the strange the problems with the player object, this version 
>frequently crashes for no apparent reason. For instance I 
>double-clicked the player object in the IDE to get its property 
>inspector and  it crashed with expected quite. Sometime setting 
>properties (like alwaysBuffer) causes the same crash.
>It seems worse than the previous version to me, is any one else 
>experiencing these kinds of problems?
>Thanks a lot
>All the Best


I don't know if it's related, but I posted bug 5165 regarding 
unexpected quits a day or two ago.  Our bugs may or may not be 
related, and I assumed mine was related to a graphic, but have no 
absolute verification yet.  I have the same version as you, 2.8.1 
build 470.  The only time I experience the unexpected quits is when 
I'm working in a very specific project, and the quits happen 
regardless of whether it's a stack or compiled into a standalone.

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