Player/Image Object "always buffer" Problems

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Jun 20 12:42:16 EDT 2007

Dave wrote:
> Hi All,
> More on this.
> I changed the code to compare the current image data to the previous 
> image data. When I do this, I find that the data returned from the 
> snapshot command is the *same* on each iteration (the frames should all 
> be different), so it's just moving the same image into the image object 
> each time.

Try not using imageData, use "the text of" or just "put" instead:

   put myVar into image "imageThumbnail"


   set the text of image "imageThumbnail" to myVar

There is a subtle difference between imagedata and the content (the 
"text") of an image. In Scott Rossi's example, he also uses "text" and 
it works.

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