W(h)ither Rev??? - (was sundry recent rants, with ever-increasing parentheses and unending tree branches)

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Sun Jun 10 14:11:14 EDT 2007

As a hobbyist/daft-headed academic, I don't understand this remark.

When Metacard was $1,000 a license and I complained to Rev that
hobbyist/academics couldn't afford/wouldn't pay $1,000 a license, they
came out with a series of reasonably-priced feature-reduced versions to
meet the hobbyist/academic need.

Dan Shafer & Rev produced a much-needed book aimed at the same.

Rev & Jacque organized a series of web-based conference and tutorial

And I am reasonably certain that there are other similar examples that I'm
just not recalling at the moment.


On Sun, 10 Jun 2007, Mike Harland wrote:

> Rev continues to contemplate its own navel with all its talk of
> 'pros' on this list, while consistently looking down its nose at the
> so-called hobbyist, newby or daft-headed academic

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